Cancer’s chemo-resistant ‘Master Cells’


A powerful NATURAL compound could FINALLY be the key to a permanent solution to CANCER because it has been shown to:

ü  STOP cancer growth within hours

ü  OVERCOME its power to spread, and

ü  CLEAR its tracks so it can’t come back!

If you, or your loved one, is battling cancer – this is a MUST-READ report…


Dear Friend,

Cancer has always been one step ahead.

Regardless of what researchers tried, it has always found a way to regenerate itself… evolve… mutate… and spread.

So, once you had it, even if you fought like a trojan and ‘beat it’ the first time around, there was nothing stopping it from making a second appearance. Is that not every cancer survivor’s biggest fear… to hear the words:

“It’s back?”

But finally, all of that is about to change… all thanks to a groundbreaking discovery out of the University of Michigan…

You see, until recently, researchers used to think all cancer cells were equally lethal… And they were ALL able to regenerate themselves and spread…

But as the Michigan University scientists discovered – they DON’T!

Cancerous tumours are actually made up of different type of cells.

And hidden in the heart of every tumour is a ‘master cell’…

These master cancer cells are the only ones that control HOW a tumour grows… WHERE it spreads… and EXACTLY HOW it’s going to outsmart chemotherapy and radiation, over and over again.

They’re responsible for cancers COMING BACK months or even years after doctors have given their patients the ‘All Clear’ signal.

And while there are a lot less ‘master cells’ – they only make up less than 1% of the tumour’s size – they are by far the most dangerous in cancer’s arsenal of weapons.

And until now, 
mainstream cancer therapies 
couldn’t touch them…

Here are some of the terrifying facts scientists know so far…

·         Chemotherapy and radiation don’t disable master cells… Somehow, they actually make them stronger… 32 TIMES STRONGER to be exact, according to a shocking UCLA research study that focused on breast cancer radiation.

·         PET scans, CT scans and MRIs can FAIL to detect these stealth cancer cells… making them nearly invisible to doctors.

·         And the newest research reveals that it takes just 100 tiny master cells to regrow massive tumours.

As long as these master cells survive in your body… it’s not a question of ‘if’ cancer comes back…

It’s ‘when’.

When the news of this discovery was released, it chilled the blood of cancer researchers across the world…

And thanks to their determination, they all set out to find new ways to destroy these cancer ‘master cells’

And scientists at 23 universities did it!

This kind of medical consensus is rare… but it happened… in the last five years, 23 universities all identified the SAME powerful compound that can help:

·         HALT cancer in its tracks by demolishing previously chemo-resistant master cells…

·         DISRUPT hundreds – possibly thousands – of cancer-causing triggers that give master cells their power…

·         AMPLIFY the effects of chemotherapy so it’s finally strong enough to kill master cells, and…

·         SWITCH OFF the ‘regeneration button’ inside each master cell – to stop cancer from EVER coming back!

And at the same time…

It STRENTHENS your healthy cells!

This stunning medical wonder is a natural compound called CL-4.

Many studies on CL-4 have been published by global cancer research centres, including…

·         University of Michigan Cancer Center

·         U.S. National Cancer Institute

·         Stanford University

·         Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, Germany

·         Baylor University

·         MD Anderson Cancer Center

·         University of California at Irvine

·         University of Illinois at Chicago

·         Emory University

·         University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

·         Rutgers University

·         Temple University

·         Université d'Auvergne, France

…And these studies are not confined to the petri-dish or lab mice.

There have been a number of human trials and more are in progress right now.

All the evidence suggests CL-4 can outperform chemo, giving you the best chance of beating cancer.

Studies show CL-4 could help defeat almost every kind of cancer cell…

·         Breast cancer

·         Ovarian cancer

·         Cervical cancer

·         Prostate cancer

·         Lung cancer

·         Colon cancer

·         Stomach cancer

·         Bladder cancer

·         Brain cancer

·         Head and neck cancers

·         Myeloma

·         Leukaemia

·         Lymphoma

·         Melanoma

Is that not what we have all been longing for?

But here’s the most exciting news yet: CL-4 is so powerful and so versatile, it attacks deadly master cells from FOUR different angles.

So if you’re fighting cancer right now…

Take this information directly to your oncologist…
because we’ve never been this close to a
cancer treatment

>> CL-4 pushes the “self-destruct” button on chemo-resistant master cells

Unlike radiation, CL-4 can actually de-programme cancer’s master cells so that they become ‘regular’ tumour cells…

These can killed off much more easily by chemotherapy… radiation… or with more CL-4.

In fact, research seems to suggest that…

>> CL-4 makes chemo more effective…

This means you could need LESS of it… and have a GREATER chance of living cancer-free for life, without the harsh side-effects.

In fact, a team of researchers discovered that combining CL-4 and a specific chemo drug…


So far, the research on CL-4 has been impressive…

>> CL-4 is the closest thing to a cancer solution I’ve ever seen.

And it’s just the beginning…

Because CL-4 can also do something that’s NEVER been done before by ANY pharmaceutical drug…

>> CL-4 shuts down cancer-causing signals

Why is this such a big deal?

Because it stops cancer.

Shutting down cancer-causing signals is like blowing EVERY fuse on a master cell’s electrical board.

Unfortunately, many chemotherapy drugs target just ONE signal from ONE gene – and they miss the hundreds or thousands of other signals.

But not CL-4. You can see how CL-4 targets ALL of these and more… intercepting almost 200 cancer-causing signals.


Which cancer-fighting treatment would you want working inside your body?

And that’s just what researchers have catalogued so far. A leading expert at Baylor University believes CL-4 could target thousands of these signals. And best of all…

>> CL-4 blocks the formation of new tumours

It works by activating a gene in your body that helps protect you from nearly every type of cancer.

This gene is so powerful, researchers have nicknamed it ‘The Guardian’. It sends a signal that literally forces cancer cells to die… and it prevents new tumours from forming.

In a ground-breaking human clinical trial in China, involving 126 patients, researchers found that CL-4 ‘wakes up’ The Guardian…

And makes it much stronger against cancer cells, as you can see here.


No pharmaceutical drug 
can do what CL-4 can do

Even if you’re not facing a cancer diagnosis right now, this information could save your life, or a loved one’s, in years to come.

Because CL-4’s cancer-defeating effects have been researched at every stage: from “precancerous” stage 0… to the worst case stage 4.

CL-4 could save millions of lives

So why hasn’t your doctor told you about this?

Chances are, he’s not even aware of it…

Thanks to the giant pharmaceutical industry that spends BILLIONS of dollars each year brainwashing the world into thinking their way is the ONLY way to treat disease.

But the outrageous truth is… they don’t actually ‘heal’ anyone. But they have mastered the art of ‘managing’ chronic disease, while fooling the world into thinking they ‘cure’ people.

They’ve brainwashed everyone down the line, including governments, doctors, medical schools, pharmacists, insurance companies… and most patients.

Doctors who use ‘alternative’ methods are branded as ‘quacks’ even though they ARE curing patients!

Scientists who discover life-saving breakthroughs like CL-4 are silenced by Big Pharma’s assertion that conventional methods are ‘still the most effective’ …and ‘more research is needed’, billions of dollars and decades later.

And, patients who want to try something new are called ‘foolish’. You get told that side effects are just something you have to ‘live with’ and that your quality of life isn’t important.

It’s a system designed to keep us in the dark 
about life-saving medical treatments

…and it puts your life at risk, all for Big Pharma’s profits.

That’s why one of Johannesburg’s leading doctors is doing something about it – right now.

If the medical industry, government and the mainstream media won’t tell you about these incredible discoveries…

He will.

His name is Dr Craige Golding. He has spent his entire 18-year career in search for life-changing medical breakthroughs like this.

When he uncovered the volumes of research on the incredible cancer-fighting power of CL-4 – while NOTHING had changed in the way that mainstream medicine was treating cancer… he was furious.

And he REFUSES to let 
them get away with it

People all across the world are suffering through round after round of poisonous chemotherapy, even though Big Pharma knows the drugs are useless in killing master cancer cells!

It’s time you and everybody else knows it too.

So today, Dr Golding is releasing a brand-new comprehensive guide revealing everything CL-4 can do to help you fight cancer and WIN… permanently.

As an anti-ageing specialist, Dr Golding works closely with the world’s leading experts in cancer, chronic disease and natural healing.

He’s travelled the world to study innovative natural treatments that work – with science to prove it, regardless of what Big Pharma says.

Now, he’s compiled every stunning detail on CL-4… showing you exactly how it kills cancer’s master cells… how it can boost chemo… and how it helps keep cancer away for good.

You’ll also discover where to get CL-4 right now

Because if you, or someone you love, is battling for your life… there is no time to waste.

This essential guide reveals How You Can Beat Cancer with CL-4. I’ll show you how to claim your FREE copy in just a moment.

But first let me ask you: If they’re keeping you in the dark about this

What else are they not telling you?


CL-4 isn’t the only natural therapy that works, when prescription drugs fail…

For example, did you know there’s a natural ‘antidote’ for Alzheimer’s that can stop memory loss in its tracks? It works better than Big Pharma’s PRIMARY drug for Alzheimer’s.

Shouldn’t everyone know about this?!

And has your doctor ever told you that a plant extract, called Neoflavonoid-B, could free you from diabetes… because it stops erratic blood sugar just as well as the top prescription diabetes drug – but without the serious side-effects?

And, did you know your disabling arthritis pain could be caused by a strange ‘parasite’ that triggers arthritis? Once you know how to get rid of it, you could finally get the relief you’ve been longing for – regardless of how many years you’ve spent in agony!

Every one of these healing secrets is backed by research, and they are being used right now by people around the world who are fed up with mainstream medicine’s failure after failure to heal them, and they are the kind of treatments Dr Golding recommends to his patients in his Johannesburg practice.

And yet…

No-one is talking about these
incredible discoveries!

But they could be precisely what you need to finally take your health into your own hands and live life on your own terms… free of pain, worry and limitations.

Dr Golding believes you deserve to know about every one of these treatments – and so many more… because they’re proof that the most feared diseases in history CAN be reversed… eliminated… or prevented altogether by people just like you.

Cancer… Alzheimer’s... Heart disease… Diabetes... Pain… Parkinson’s… GERD...

They’ve ALL been successfully treated before – without risky side-effects or surgery – and you could do it too.

So Dr Golding is giving away the details on every last one of these treatments today. He’s published them all, including How You Can Beat Cancer with CL-4 in a comprehensive new book:

Doctors’ Treasury of Natural Remedies
Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have

I’ll show you how to claim your FREE copy in just a moment, so you can tell us exactly where to send it. You don’t even have to pay for postage!

But first I want you to see more of what you will receive in this incredible book – starting with a newly discovered Alzheimer’s ‘antidote’ that has 20 years of documented research behind it.

It works unlike anything neuroscientists have seen before, because it helps…

Protect the memory circuits in your brain that Alzheimer’s attacks FIRST…

It works by stopping the breakdown of acetylcholine, enabling the brain to strengthen neuron connections and function properly.

In one study involving 202 people with Alzheimer’s, the group of people taking this ‘antidote’ showed significant improvements than the placebo group in memory, thinking, mood and behavioural functions.

It also reduces oxidative damage caused by plaque in the brain and it can improve learning performance.

And, it is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier to work quickly and stay active for hours.

That’s why this natural ‘antidote’ is so ground-breaking.

If you lived in China, doctors would prescribe this natural ‘antidote’ instead of prescription drugs, but now at least you will know that over 100,000 patients have been using it since the 90s with no serious side-effects. Which prescription drug can you say that about?

And yet, even with these breakthrough results… mainstream doctors still insist, ‘There is no solution for Alzheimer’s disease’.

Dr Golding doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he follows the evidence, because that’s the right thing to do for his patients.

So, if you find yourself misplacing your glasses or keys more often…

Or, walking into a room and suddenly forgetting what you’re doing there…

This Alzheimer’s ‘antidote’ should be your first line of defence – so you never have to live in fear of losing your independence.

Dr Golding has seen such incredible results with this antidote at his practice, he felt strongly that he MUST give away the full details about it for FREE, so you too can benefit from it.

That’s why you’ll find the details about this powerful memory restorer in, Doctors’ Treasury of Natural Remedies Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have. 

And in just a moment, I’ll show you how to claim your copy for FREE.

But perhaps memory loss isn’t your biggest challenge right now. Maybe you’re struggling with diabetes… always worrying…

“Will I EVER be able to eat what I love?”

“Why are my numbers still high?”

“Will I lose my sight… or worse… if I can’t fix this?”

If this sounds all too familiar, then you need to see this…

A natural diabetes remedy that puts Big Pharma’s
billion-dollar drug out of business

In a study, researchers tested a natural extract known as Neoflavonoid-B against the leading diabetes drug, metformin…

And they were completely blown away by the results.

In fact, the researchers called them ‘identical’!

With Neoflavonoid-B:

·         The A1c readings fell 21%...

·         Post-meal blood glucose dropped 44%

·         And, fasting blood glucose plummeted nearly 72 points

Even better… Neoflavonoid-B has the power to personalise your diabetes treatment, regardless of which stage of the disease you’re facing.

·         If you’re newly diagnosed, it could help increase your insulin sensitivity...

·         If you’ve been diabetic for years and don’t produce enough insulin, it could help your pancreas make more insulin again.

·         And if you’re facing serious complications from diabetes, it could even help reverse the damage to your kidneys and nerves, and protect your eyes.

If you’re struggling to control your blood sugar, you owe it to yourself to get the details about Neoflavonoid-B – and experience what it means to live without worry!

But now that you’ve seen what Neoflavonoid-B can do for blood sugar, you’re probably wondering…

How could a natural compound work
the exact same way as a drug?

That’s the best part – it doesn’t!

A team of endocrinologists in China recently published evidence that the reason Neoflavonoid-B works so well… is because it defeats a strange, new cause of diabetes.

Scientists NEVER expected this – because it has nothing to do with your insulin!

This landmark article published in Medical Science Monitor suggests that diabetes is actually caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria that brings on low-grade inflammation.

The scientists discovered that when this imbalance is corrected…

Diabetes vanishes!

They believe Neoflavonoid-B has the power to eliminate bad bacteria and reduce inflammation… which puts an end to erratic blood sugar.

And because inflammation can also cause high blood pressure and out-of-control cholesterol… this next discovery makes sense:

Studies have also shown Neoflavonoid-B’s ability to lower triglycerides and cholesterol, BETTER than metformin!

In fact, there is ONLY one area where metformin had higher numbers than Neoflavonoid-B…

Side effects!

Metformin’s got a long list of them, including:

·         Fatal lactic acidosis

·         Anaemia

·         Dementia, and

·         Irreversible nerve damage

So, just say “no thanks”…

With Neoflavonoid-B, you can finally free
yourself of diabetes… and side effects

Over the past 33 years, study after study, in top laboratories all over the world, have shown this natural remedy can halt runaway blood sugar.

That’s why Dr Golding has been recommending Neoflavonoid-B in his practice.

So, regardless of how tough you have it, how high your blood sugar levels are, how your weight keeps creeping up and no matter how many medications you are on…

You should work with a doctor knowledgeable in natural medicine and let Neoflavonoid-B help you finally see progress – and soon start lowering your medications!

You’ll find all the details about Neoflavonoid-B – plus a detailed plan for living diabetes-free in his latest book, which can be yours FREE:

Doctors’ Treasury of Natural Remedies
Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have

Can you imagine what a difference just his one healing secret could make in your life?

What a relief it will be when you can go out for dinner with your friends and just enjoy yourself… instead of worrying about every morsel you put on your plate – and how it could come back to haunt you later.

And just picture your doctor’s face when you go back in for your next check-up – and your numbers are right where they should be…

With the help of this book, there’s no telling what you could do!

And you’ve still only just had a small peek of all the health remedies waiting for you, when you claim your own FREE copy of Doctors’ Treasury of Natural Remedies Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have.

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This next healing remedy is for you
if you’re battling with nagging
arthritis pain that just refuses to go away…

Did you ever imagine your joint pain could be caused by something you’ve never even heard of?

Stiff, achy knees that slow you down all day…

Throbbing knuckles that make you reliant on others…

You see, doctors used to think these ‘typical’ arthritis symptoms were caused by wear and tear. The only treatment they could recommend was to pop pain pills around the clock… and ‘lose weight’.

But if you have arthritis, you know weight loss can be nearly impossible!

But, finally, researchers have figured out why – and it isn’t your fault.

Breakthrough research at a French university uncovered the REAL hidden culprit behind stubborn, aching joints. It turns out…

A hormone that controls your appetite…
could be causing your painful knees!

Nobody saw this one coming… but clinical tests all over the world now confirm that it’s true: Your appetite and your arthritis pain could be directly linked.

And chances are high this could be the source of your stubborn, nagging arthritis…

Because researchers have found that four out of five people with arthritis pain have high levels of this strange hormone in their joints.

Dr Golding calls it the ‘Arthritis Hormone’, because having too much of it causes your cartilage to self-destruct

And it actually speeds up joint damage!

This hormone is also linked to weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol!

Mainstream medicine have no idea what to do about this – they don’t have a single drug on the market that can stop this Arthritis Hormone.

So, what can you do?

It’s time to try Dr Golding’s drug-free arthritis recommendation.

The remedy that saves your cartilage and conquers the Arthritis Hormone

For almost a decade, a natural treatment called hyaluronic acid has been the gold-standard alternative to NSAIDs for serious cases of arthritis.

And then recently, researchers found something even better – because it finally combats the Arthritis Hormone head-on.

The results have been profound – and no injection needles, and best of all, no more pain!

This is not just another ‘Band-Aid’ solution that masks the problem. And it doesn’t just dull the pain for a few hours before it comes roaring back, worse than before.

Because this ground-breaking discovery actually makes your joints healthier!

In fact…

Stretching… bending… dancing… and just plain walking become easier than ever!

You can find all the details about this breakthrough for serious arthritis in Doctors’ Treasury of Natural Remedies Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have

Because you shouldn’t have to live with pain, even for one moment longer.

So, the next time someone tells you there is ‘no real treatment’ for arthritis…

If they tell you there is nothing you can do, except take dangerous side-effect laden drugs…

Walk away and try the natural arthritis remedy that has worked for thousands.

But these healing secrets are only the beginning…

There are hundreds of natural therapies that can help you take control of your health… without popping pills, painful injections or surgery…

Finally, this book makes it possible for you to get your hands on the most sought-after natural remedies and therapies that forward-thinking doctors like Dr Golding use every day in their practices…

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So, now there is nothing holding you back from the life you want to live.

Take a look at some of the other incredible secrets you’ll have right at your fingertips. For starters, you could…

·         Restore lost vision, reverse memory loss and end countless other symptoms of ageing by treating your stomach!

·         How to drop your cholesterol level by as much as much as 3.4 points without drugs or deprivation…

·         Know the two signs on your body that may point to heart trouble…   

·         How to drop your blood pressure by 20, 30, or even 40 points – naturally!

·         The No.1 heart-protecting mineral…

·         The simplest solution for gallbladder pain – without surgery!

·         The nutrient “cocktail” that can wipe out chronic pain and more... 

·         Age and antacids – a double whammy against your body’s optimal health…

·         Forget the flu shot! Three natural flu-fighters you can rely on…

·         Fight lupus without dangerous prescription drugs!

·         Forget your annual mammogram! New tool offers better, earlier breast cancer detection (and it’s pain-free, too!)

·         The only HRT solution used safely for 200,000 years…

·         Drop the finasteride! The benefits – and risks – of natural prostate treatments…

·         Help for a lagging libido and potency problems…

·         Five ways to avoid that hearing aid!

·         The mineral breakthrough helping terminal patients defy death!

·         Seeing is believing: Real help for macular degeneration and cataracts...

·         Stay sharp into your 90s with these all-natural brain boosters…

·         Toss the Ritalin and eliminate the hidden culprit behind ADD...

·         The great-tasting way to beat bladder and urinary tract infections…

·         Stomp out chronic fatigue and get back your old get-up and go...

·         The natural depression solution to try before St. John’s wort…

·         And so much more….

In spite of what the Big Pharma industry wants you to believe, you CAN find a natural solution for every single one of your health problems!

It’s all right there in your free copy of Doctors’ Treasury of Natural Remedies Big Pharma Doesn’t Want YOU to Have…

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If you don’t get up feeling happy,
full of life, and ready to seize the day…
every single morning… this book will show you
how to change that – FOR GOOD

You deserve to be out in the garden… or down at the beach… or chasing your children or grandchildren around…

You deserve to be able to think on your feet and remember things when you want to – no matter what your age.

So, whatever you’re doing right now… let Dr Golding show you why it can only get better from here.

He wants you to have access to all of these sought-after remedies and treatments in this book absolutely FREE, and he’s authorised me to give it away today.

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So, the time to act is right now.

Get one of the last remaining FREE copies of this incredible book into your hands as soon as possible…

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In fact…

This is the best way to take advantage of
Dr Golding’s ‘first to know’ status in the world
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You see, there is a really good reason Dr Golding is often the first to know about breakthrough natural discoveries and revolutionary treatment advances...

Thanks to his role as founder and head of educational programmes at  the Foundation for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine, he works with premier experts and thought leaders in every medical specialty.

And then he brings that ground-breaking, life-saving knowledge back to his patients at his Johannesburg practice. So, if you can’t go there in person, his newsletter is the next best thing.

When he gets wind of new research and treatment protocols… you will know about them long before local doctors and reporters ever cotton on to them.

And, when you activate your subscription now, you’ll immediately have front-row access to the same healing breakthroughs his patients have access to – because he publishes them all in his Natural Health Dossier newsletter.

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So, you really have nothing to lose. Your subscription is risk free, thanks to The FSP Health and Fitness Promise

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Dr Golding wants to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the valuable life-changing, pain-erasing, disease-conquering techniques you receive.

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